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Ainsley Johnstone, is a food stylist, recipe developer and occasional photographer and illustrator.


Healthy, nutritious food is Ainsley’s key area of interest. This has come about from working closely with nutritionists, naturopaths and wellbeing experts such as Belinda Kirkpatrick who is the co-author of their recently released book Healthy Hormones.


Ainsley has always been creative; this passion began at art school, followed by work in the creative department of an advertising agency, where her skills in art direction, design and typography started.


Her love of food styling was ignited when she got to work alongside some of the best food stylists in New York. Ever since, she has been working with talented photographers creating imagery for advertising, television, cookbook and editorial clients.


Clients include:






Golden Door                                


Abbott's Village Bakery

Selector Magazine

The Food Coach

Fine Fettle

The Seed App

Chicane Marketing


Ainsley is a passionate mental health and wellbeing advocate; she has co-authored international best selling, Living With a Black Dog and spoken at the World Health Organisation.

When she is not being all foodie she lives in Sydney with her hubby, two lovely girls and dog Cookie. 


Nestle Milo



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